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Detox & Withdrawal Temecula

Detox in Temecula!

A Better Today (ABT) detoxification treatment centers provide medically managed and confidential therapy for those struggling with addiction. The purpose of detox is to purge the body of toxins from drugs and alcohol abuse, and to reduce withdrawal symptoms. While detox isn’t rehab, it prepares the client for rehab. Detox is the first step, but it can be intimidating to enroll. Many addicts are in denial of their addiction and it is tough to reach out for help. At ABT, we view drug addiction as a disease, and we handle the therapy with care, compassion and medical expertise. Detox technique treatments vary from person to person, and ABT builds a customized treatment plan for each client. To speak with a detox expert at ABT, or for any other questions, give us a call at (951) 221-0558!

What You’ll Expect in Detox

The two basic steps of detox are analysis and detox. Analysis identifies which substances were used, and the quantities of those substances, which drive the treatment plan for your detoxification and recovery. Many clients have addictions to more than one substance, which can drastically affect their treatment plan. The second step is the actual detoxification. Our expert professionals will guide you through the process of cleansing your body from harmful toxins, and helping you cope with withdrawal systems by removing you from conditions that can trigger your used, and with medications that calm the side effects of withdrawal. Detox won’t rehabilitate you, but it will prepare you for the next step of therapy and reclaiming a drug-free and healthy life.


When an addictive substance is removed from the system of an addict, the body reacts with withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can be both physical and psychological urges and cravings that can range from mild to severe “drug sickness” where the addict has flu-like symptoms. In many cases, the high from drugs replaces endorphins in the brain, so the brain strops producing these endorphins. These endorphins are needed by our bodies to maintain levels of health and happiness, so when we detox the drugs and alcohol, our bodies have no endorphins. It takes the brain a couple of weeks to produce endorphins at a normal level. Our medical experts are here to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms, which are a natural part of withdrawal.

The First Step is Detox

Taking the first step can be daunting and challenging to an addict. The first step is acknowledging you have a problem and need help. Many clients enjoy the help of reformed addicts, and find success with their own recovery. Proving the axiom that “If you’re going through a maze, it’s best to go through it with someone who knows the way out.” Detox is necessary for rehab begins, but there are cases where rehab is not needed after detox. Studies show that successful recovery is greatly diminished when a rehab plan is skipped. ABT provides rehab and aftercare, giving addicts the tools to overcome dependency. To take the first step to detox and recovery, call expert professionals today! (951) 221-0558