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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Temecula

Get Drug & Alcohol Rehab Help in Temecula

Are you fighting an addiction to alcohol, pain meds, or illicit drugs? The first step is acknowledging that addiction is a disease and it’s okay to ask for help. At A Better Today (ABT), we can help you find the treatment you need in Temecula. We also offer comprehensive detox and rehab programs, managed by medical professionals, as well as inpatient and outpatient care, and sober living residential centers. All treatment is specific to the individual, and we custom-tailor a personalized treatment plan to best serve your addiction, your personality and your recovery needs.

Red flags to look for if you aren’t sure if you’re addicted include: Requiring more and more of the addictive substance to achieve the same desired effect, the inability to stop using the substance, and sickness from when you stop using (also known as “dope sick.”)

What Is A Better Today Rehab Like?

Enrolling in A Better Today (ABT), is a courageous first step in combatting your substance-abuse addiction. Getting help anywhere is a tough step. Help is available though! Upon arrival at ABT, you will begin a detox and stabilization. This is to purge your system of the toxins in drugs and alcohol, and to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms. At ABT, your detox will also be medically managed by healthcare professionals. After detox is finished, you will advance to the next stage of your therapy, rehab. ABT utilizes proven, evidence based therapy models that include group and individual therapy, cognitive and family therapy. We also offer extra-curricular therapies like yoga and musical therapy, for those interested. A Better Today also ensures that clients receive relapse prevention, addiction education and access to an array of 12-step programs. Each of our therapists have a Master’s degree or higher, and they specialize in addiction treatment. ABT also provides you with a life coach who will teach you the skills and give you the tools necessary to return to a healthy drug-free life. ABT also helps clients create aftercare plans to complete their recovery. One intensive outpatient program we offer is 3 nights a week to help you sustain your rehab. At ABT, we provide all the available resources to help you vanquish your addiction and create a healthy, happy life.

Our clients have found that one of the most successful paths is to be mentored by former addicts and sponsors who have succeeded in the program. Fulfilling the common axiom, “If you’re going through a maze, you want someone to help you who knows the way out!”

Start Your Journey!

Take the first step, and end the cycle of power that addiction has over you. You can empower yourself over this disease and control your happiness. ABT is here to help take your life back from the grasp of drug or alcohol addiction. A Better Tomorrow provides you with all the skills you need to cope with life and deal with it on its terms.
If you have a family member or friend struggling with addiction, ABT can help you create an intervention. Our specialists are standing by to guide you through creating an intervention based on love, care and support. Start your recovery now and vanquish the disease of addiction. Call us at
(951) 221-0558!