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Addiction Treatment Temecula

The Perils of Addiction

Addiction is typically described in physiological and psychological terms. Drug and alcohol abuse can result in addictions of each type. With drug, alcohol and other addictions, perilous consequences can result, regardless of frequency of use and quantity. Physical and physiological dependence, also is the body’s reaction to a drug by incorporating the toxin into typical body functions. The brain naturally releases “feel good” endorphins that are halted when artificial endorphins enter the blood stream through substance abuse. This triggers the brain to stop producing them. When the substance clears the blood, there are no endorphins in the body which causes depression, and triggers the cravings that users feel in withdrawal. Withdrawal can be mild or present fever-like sickness, also called “dope sick.” Addicts can also become dependent or hooked on non-substance related activities like shopping, gambling, and self-harm. Many addicts will become addicted to more than one substance at a time.

A Better Today (ABT) provides addict clients the chance to turn their life around by overcoming their addiction. Anyone enrolling in ABT also has access to our treatment plans customized for the individual. We also provide residential and aftercare, in inpatient and outpatient facilities. If you’re addicted to drugs or alcohol, take courage! Help is available! Call one of our specialists and start your path to recovery today! (951) 221-0558

Addiction Treatment

At ABT, our main goal is to help clients permanently overcome their alcohol and drug addiction. Our expert professionals guide, counsel, assist and nurture clients through their rehab. Through this process, clients learn about the harmful consequences of substance abuse addiction, including the social, psychological, financial and legal repercussions. Our trained experts strive to determine the root causes of addiction based on the individual’s situation, substance-abuse and other circumstances that can trigger a relapse.

Addiction Treatment is Customized

The most effective treatment for substance abuse is customized for the individual. Each therapy plan is different. Variables can be the scope, type of substance, duration, and psychological temperament of the addict. Our professionals diagnose the addiction, assess psychological issues and analyze personal circumstances of each client, to facilitate the best treatment plan and path to recovery. One example of a proven and effective therapy is cognitive-behavioral treatment. Treatment that raises awareness of the addict of the people and conditions that lead to their addiction and relapse. Another therapy, family therapy, focuses on improving relationships with family members to help in the rehab process. Other incentives to motivate the rehab process include modifying the environment and social circles.

Take the First Step!

The first step can be the toughest. It’s hard for addicts to admit they have a problem, and to have the humility to reach out for help. At ABT, we know it’s not an easy step for addicts. We’re here to help. Our specialists are knowledgeable, compassionate, medical professionals who can answer your questions about therapy, detox, rehab, intervention and aftercare. Take the first step and start your path to healing now. Call our Addiction Treatment specialists for Temecula at (951) 221-0558